• Reddy Heaters . net is your source for Information and Replacment parts for your Reddy Heater manufactured by DESA International prior to 2009.

  • People who are owners of Reddy and Master Heaters need to be aware that the manufacturer of these heaters filed bankruptcy on December 29, 2008.

    Secondly, why does my Reddy Heater smoke? Blow compressed air into the outlet end of the fuel nozzle if you suspect a clog, which could occur when the heater fails to ignite or you notice smoke or an odor. Replace the fuel nozzle completely if it appears damaged or defective.

    Consequently, who makes Mr heater?

    Heater Corporation is a leading manufacturer of quality portable propane infra-red, forced air and convection heaters. Mr. Heater also manufactures wall-mounted and overhead natural gas and propane heaters as well as hoses, fittings and accessories, all made in the U.S.A. Mr.

    Can I use diesel in a kerosene heater?

    Kerosene heaters wick the fuel up and start to evaporate and it is these vapors that you are burning. Diesel fuel will wick up fine. However, diesel does not evaporate well. You can pour diesel on the floor and toss a burning match upon it, it will not burn.

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