• Yes, these wooden toy building sets are reminiscent of toys that we generally call Lincoln Logs toys. But Lincoln Log sets are a name brand of one company. These all natural wooden toys provide the same hours of creative play without toxic chemicals or ingredients used.

  • Pride Manufacturing produces wood golf tees, and reached out to KNex after learning of its efforts to insource manufacture of Lincoln Logs. Originally made of redwood, the logs are now made of several species. Pride engineered equipment to produce the logs, and will output about 30 million annually.

    Similarly, what age is Lincoln Logs for? LINCOLN LOGS is Americas National Toy, with 100 years of providing an original, high-quality log-building toy to children ages 3 and up. LINCOLN LOGS is a classic toy that spans four generations of builders and inspires young minds to create and imagine.

    Accordingly, are Lincoln Logs worth money?

    Lincoln Logs are now sold by KNEX. Your set was made between 1943 and 1968. The original box adds value, but the set wont sell for a lot of money because its incomplete. Value, -.

    What happened to Lincoln Logs?

    Lincoln Logs were inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame in 1999. Starting in 2014, Lincoln Logs were manufactured by KNEX Industries Inc. In late 2017, KNEX, having filed for bankruptcy, was bought out by Basic Fun, Inc., of Florida.

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