• The creation of Camp MacArthur in 1917 brought thousands of U.S. Army troops into Waco to prepare for combat in World War I. Members of the 107th Engineers of the Army's 32nd Division were stationed at the camp, and they acquired a live bear as a mascot.

  • Meet Our Bears Many American Black Bears have called Baylor home since 1917.

    Beside above, are there bears in Waco Texas? Waco, Texas: The Bear Pit. Home of the Baylor Bears, the mascots of Baylor University. The latest enclosure/habitat is not really a pit, and the bears seem to be well-tended.

    Beside this, where are the bears at Baylor?

    Waco, Texas, United States

    How did Baylor get its name?

    Then it was changed to honor revolutionary hero Ben Milam. Just before the final vote of the Congress, the petitioners requested the university be named in honor of Judge R. E. B. Republic of Texas President Anson Jones signed the Act of Congress on February 1, 1845, officially chartering it as Baylor University.

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