What years did Browning manufacture A5's in Belgium?

  • What years did Browning manufacture A5's in Belgium?

  • Technically, Browning didnt make the Auto 5s in Belgium . They were made by Fabrique Nationale (FN) under contract to Browning. FN also paid for the right to manufacture and sell the A5 in countries other than the United States. FN Manufactured the gun for most years from 1903 until the 1980s. In the case of Browning importing the gun with their name, the dates are as follows: Several Thousand guns with the name Browning Automatic Arms Co. were imported in 1903. No imports after 1903 until 1923. Under Browning Arms Co, they imported guns from 1923 to 1940. (stopped due to WWII) Browning imported from FN starting up again in 1946 and was continuous until 1978. Some Auto 5 production was moved to Japan in 1976, but FN still produced certain A5 models until 1978. FN produced a limited number of A5 12 Magnums for Browning in 1984. Summary of Belgian made Browning Auto 5s: 1903 / 1923-1940 / 1946-1978 / 1984

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