Why does Mozambique's flag have a AK-47 on it?

  • Why does Mozambique's flag have a AK-47 on it?

  • because AK-47 played an important role in their revolution.

  • @goldenkoala386 said in Why does Mozambique's flag have a AK-47 on it?:

    Mozambique's flag have a AK-47

    The Mozambican Flag has been the subject of much debate as it is the only flag in the world to have a symbol of a modern weapon and as such many in the country want it to change.

    After independence from Portugal the flag of the main revolutionary army, the Mozambican Liberation Front (FRELIMO), was adopted as the flag of the new country for an interim period until the flag that is seen today was decided on.

    There is however still debate as to the flag's similarity to the old FRELIMO flag, but the main bone of contention is the image of an AK-47 with an attached bayonet emblazoned in the center of the insignia. It is debated by many that the weapon signifies violence and civil war and that it should be taken off the flag completely.

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