El Salvador

Situated on the Pacific coast of Central America, El Salvador has Guatemala to the west and Honduras to the north and east. It is the smallest of the Central American countries, with an area equal to that of Massachusetts, and it is the only one without an Atlantic coastline. Most of the country is on a fertile volcanic plateau about 2,000 ft (607 m) high.

What's happening in El Salvador

  • Suchitoto is a municipality in the Department of Cuscatlán, El Salvador that has seen continuous human habitation long before Spanish colonization Within its municipal territory, Suchitoto holds the site of the original founding of the Villa of San Salvador in 1528 that existed for a short time before the site was abandoned In more recent times, the municipality has prospered even after the severe effects of civil war in El Salvador that lasted between 1980 - 1992 and saw the population of Suchitoto decrease from 34,101 people in 1971 to 13,850 by 1992

  • Soyapango is a municipality in the San Salvador department of El Salvador Soyapango is a commercial center The municipality is the third most populated area in the country, with 290,412 inhabitants

  • Sonsonate (Spanish pronunciation: [sonsoˈnate]) is a city and municipality of El Salvador It is the capital of the department of Sonsonate; on the Sensunapan River and the Pan-American Highway from San Salvador to the Pacific port of Acajutla, 21 km (13 mi) south Pop

  • Nejapa is a municipality in the San Salvador department of El Salvador

  • Cojutepeque (Spanish pronunciation: [koxuteˈpeke]) is the capital city of El Salvador's Cuscatlán department It also served as the capital of San Salvador during several years It also serves as the administrative centre for the surrounding municipality of Cojutepeque

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