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    Pros of Living in Brno

    ✅ Very safe

    ✅ Fast internet

    ✅ Good air quality usually

    ✅ Nomad List members liked going here a lot

    ✅ Spacious and not crowded

    ✅ Very easy to do business

    ✅ High quality of education

    ✅ Great hospitals

    ✅ Roads are very safe

    ✅ Great freedom of speech

    ✅ Democratic

    ✅ People can speak basic English

    ✅ Very safe for women

    ✅ Family friendly

    ✅ LGBTQ+ friendly

    Cons of Living in Brno

    ❌ Not much to do

    ❌ Gets cold in the winter

    ❌ Not many Nomad List members go here

    ❌ Difficult to make friends

    ❌ People smoking tobacco a lot

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    Was in Brno recently and honestly I didn't found the city as interesting as it looked in the pictures + videos. It's a bit overrated or maybe I didn't took my pills in the expected timeframe. Just jokin'! You can check it for one day and that's enough.

  • I lived in Brno for 6 months working as an expat. I am from US and have lived in NJ and NYC and been to almost every major city in the US. Compared to US Cities this place just works, it's very easy to live here and the public transportation is wonderful. It was also extremely cheap compared to any US city and I could afford to eat out every meal and go to the fancier restaurants on my US salary. The beauty of the buildings in the center and quick access to nature was my favorite part as well as the beer and drinking culture which is kind of built into the czech blood. There are a lot of traditional czech pubs but also some very interesting hip things that you would see in Berlin or Brooklyn, I was impressed for the size of the city how many quality offerings they had. As for cons.. there were a bunch too! Language is hard to learn and Czech people can be hard to warm up to you. Everyone was nice and could speak english but when going out in groups it often switches to Czech. I didnt mind this obviously because I am a visitor in their country but it was hard and felt isolating. The city is small and I felt like I saw almost everything in the 6 months. You can tour the main parts in one day but there are a lot of hidden gems and festivities that happen throughout the seasons to keep it interesting. I would recommend visiting and living like a local here for a couple of months. It was a very rich experience for me!

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    I lived in Brno for 6 months and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. It's a small city with nothing to do for expats. There are a few cafés and some nice bars but nothing really special plus. I really don't mean to be rude but Czech people are no fun. It's just...boring and dull. Generally speaking people here even millennials, don't speak English. I found it very hard to do basic stuff like go to stores in the supermarket because nobody speaks English. There are waaaay better places to go to as an expat, Prague is one of those.

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