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    Ever heard of eating foods improve your mental well-being? We mostly try different therapies, exercises like yoga or meditation to find mental peace and joy. However, here is a list of some food that help you manage anxiety and boost your mood.


    Bananas are rich in serotonin which in turns provide vitamin B6 and help you regulate your mood.

    Dark chocolate

    Eating dark chocolate creates a positive impact on your mood. It contains some components that are linked with the feeling of happiness.


    The consumption of coffee is directly linked with low risk of depression.


    It is enriched with choline nutrient that helps regulate your mood and nervous system.


    Berries are rich in antioxidants which help reduce the symptoms of depression.

    Fermented foods

    Fermented foods enhance serotonin productions which results in mood and overall mental being enhancement.

    So, eating nutrient-rich foods give you a happiness boost and mental peace. Whenever you feel low and need an energy booster while travelling, try these foods, you will surely feel better and happy.

    Have you tried these foods while on a trip? Share your views what you feel and what you usually eat while on a travelling to enhance your mood?

  • Mental health is undoubtedly an important factor.one should always try and work hard to attain healthy lifestyle for better mental health.

  • There are so many social and economic factors that cause stress and anxiety in one’s life so, it’s hardly impossible to attain mental health but we can keep control our mental and physical health through a healthy balanced diet.

  • Well said 👍

  • Nice informative post about the food that boost our mood and improve mental wellbeing. Reading the post will help people to know about the list of food that they can try to improve mental health and wellness especially during travelling.

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