• Do you ever think why some people are eager to travel and others are not? Is there something wanderlust gene or interconnected human society? Here I am sharing a video that reveal both genes and society comparison plays a role in a development of an insatiable appetite for travel.

    Well, guys I found this video handy... do share your views and do you have wanderlust? If yes, is it in your genes or impact of social media?

  • In my opinion, people have different reasons to travel. May be your parents are big travelers and you inherited the love for it. some people become bore of routine life style. To get mental peace and relaxation, people opt for beautiful places that keeps them lively and vibrant. While some people do extensive travelling as they have desire to explore new cultures meet new people and develop a big social circle of friends. Eat new food and know about traditional clothing of different countries. Social media exposure also triggers people's mind visit unknown places and gain knowledge about their culture and traditions.

  • @sadia-wali-0 well said!

  • Guess it's both

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