• Who was the Prime Minister of Guinea-Bissau in 2010?

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    Carlos Domingos Gomes Junior was the Prime Minister of Guinea Bissau in 2010.Gomes once again became the Prime Minister of Guinea Bissau on 2009 January 2. This was his second time as Prime Minister. Gomes was also Prime Minister from 2004 May 10 to 2005 November 2, but he was dismissed over an inability to work with President Vieira.In 2007, Gomes accused Vieira of complicity in the assassination of Mohamed Sanha, a Navy official. When attempts were made to arrest Gomes for the statements, Gomes fled to the UN building for sanctuary. The charges were later dropped.In 2008 Gomes was once again elected. Vieira appointed Gomes as the Prime Minister, stating that the two would put aside personal differences. However, shortly after on 2009 March 2, Vieira was assassinated by the military. In 2010, there was military unrest, and Gomes was put under house arrest by the military. After several months, Gomes returned to the position, though democracy and stability both remain shaky in Guinea Bissau.

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