• How do you get an OBE?

  • OBE or Officer of the British Empire is the Second rank of membership into the Order of the British Empire, an honour awarded by the British Monarch.It is usually awarded for outstanding service to the community or for excellence in a particular area such as sport, art or entertainment in the UK or in the Commonwealth, however some commonwealth nations might have theyre own individual Orders.It is sometimes awarded to Officers of HMs Armed Forces for spectacular service in conflict which wouldnt be awarded with a gallantry medal, Enlisted personell may be awarded the MBE or Member of the Order of the British Empire for Similar actsRanks of the Most Excellent Order of the British EmpireMBE: MemberOBE: OfficerCBE: CommanderKBE or DBE: Knight or Dame Commander (gains the title siror dame)GBE: Knight or Dame Grand CrossIf anyone says this might mean an out of body experience check the Catagory of the question.

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