• What are the laws of Girl Scouts in Madagascar?

  • There are three associations in Madagascar.Kiadini Madagasikara:Girl Scout Law (English)1 A Girl Scout keeps her word.2 A Girl Scout is loyal and generous.3 A Girl Scout makes herself useful and does a good turn every day.4 A Girl Scout is a friend to all and a sister to all Girl Scouts.5 A Girl Scout is courteous and considerate of other peoples convictions.6 A Girl Scout is kind to animals.7 A Girl Scout knows how to obey.8 A Girl Scout is always good tempered.9 A Girl Scout is hard working, thrifty, and considerate of other peoples belongings.10 A Girl Scout is clean in her body, her words, her thoughts and her deeds.FanilonI Madagasikara:Guide Law (English)1 A Guide is loyal.2 A Guide thinks first of others.3 A Guide is generous; she is prepared to help.4 A Guide is welcoming; she has team spirit.5 A Guide, sister to every other Guide, is at the service of all.6 A Guide learns about nature in which she sees Gods work.7 A Guide knows how to obey.8 A Guide does not fear endeavour; she does nothing by halves.9 A Guide likes her work and respects that of other people.10 A Guide is self-controlled; she is pure and cheerful.Mpanazava Eto Madagasikara:Girl Scout Law1 A Girl Scout is loyal.2 A Girl Scout is disciplined, obeys cheerfully, is punctual and tidy.3 A Girl Scout is calm and self-controlled.4 A Girl Scout is brave, hard working and is not afraid of difficulties.5 A Girl Scout is good, polite and helps others.6 A Girl Scout is a friend to all and a sister to other Girl Scouts.7 A Girl Scout is unaffected; she is moderate in her tastes and her dress.8 A Girl Scout is a friend to animals and plants.9 A Girl Scout is always good tempered, she does all she can to create peace around her.10 A Girl Scout is pure in her thoughts, her words and her deeds.

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