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    • Bhutan is located in Asia.

    • Bhutan, or the Kingdom of Bhutan, is located in Southern Asia. As a country completely encompassed by land, Bhutan is surrounded by three other countries: China, India, and Tibet. These surrounding areas are comprised of five Asian states and one region. They include the Sikkim State, the Arunachal Pradesh State, the Assam State, the West Bengal State, the Chumbi Valley, and the Tibet Autonomous Region.

    • The GPS coordinates of Bhutan are made up of two points. The latitude of Bhutan is 27.5142° N, placing the country in the northern hemisphere and above the equator. With a longitude of 90.4336° E, Bhutan is also situated in the eastern hemisphere.

    • The northernmost point of Bhutan is located in a village called Lunana, in the district of Gasa. With a latitudinal coordinate of 28°20' N, Vietnam is home to the 82nd most northern point of extremity when compared to all 196 countries in the world. Looking toward the south of Bhutan, the country’s most extreme point is along the border that Bhutan shares with India. The latitude of Bhutan’s southernmost point is 26°43' N.

    • The easternmost point of Bhutan is situated at a longitude of 92°05' E. This point is just like the country’s southernmost point in the way that it’s also part of the India-Bhutan border. In the west of Bhutan, the country extends as far as a longitudinal coordinate of 88°45' E. This western point of extremity is also located along the border that separates India and Bhutan.

    • The total area of the country comes to about 14,824 square miles of land. Interestingly enough, Bhutan does not have any main sources of water within its borders. All 14,824 square miles of Bhutan’s total area is comprised of land primarily due to the country’s quality of being landlocked. The country is broken up into eighteen districts in total. From north to south, Bhutan is 146.62 miles wide. From east to west, the country is 127.05 miles long.

    • There are 821,993 people currently living in Bhutan. The population size of Bhutan is only 0.01% of the population of the entire world, ranking Bhutan as the 164th most populated country on Earth.

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