How did the south tip of India differ from the rest if India?

  • How did the south tip of India differ from the rest if India?

  • Being such a diverse and large country, the differences are much larger than as found in small countries of Europe like England, France or Italy. For example, in South India, they speak Dravidian languages like Tamil. In north, central and west India, they speak Indo-European languages like Hindi. Besides that, the Hinduism of South India, particularly Tamil Nadu, is purer and of an older variety than that practiced in the north, which unlike the south was repeatedly invaded by Islamic Persians and Central Asians. The food differs in spice and meat quantities, and in staple products (rice, not wheat). However, they arent as different as people like to say they are. Both North and South have similar tastes in curries, spices and sweets. Most people from both still practice similar forms of Hinduism, and the basic regional clothing of both is more or less the same - dhoti for men, sari for women. Plus, despite its apparent hostility towards Hindi, many (especially young) Tamilians in urban areas like Chennai can speak fluent Hindi. Rural or small-town dwellers dont speak Hindi, much like they wouldnt in West Bengal or Gujarat or Orissa. The Carnatic music of the South isnt the same style as the Northern Hindustani style, but they are still similar. Its not just the south tip that differs. The far east has much in common with China and Burma, and is predominantly Sino-Tibetan speaking.

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