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    • Djibouti, small strategically located country on the northeast coast of the Horn of Africa.
    • It is situated on the Bab el Mandeb Strait, which lies to the east and separates the Red Sea from the Gulf of Aden.

    Djibouti has so much to offer, here are some of the things Djibouti is known for.

    • Djibouti City: Catching local vibes while wandering through the animated streets of the capital and enjoying its culinary delights.
    • Lac Assal: Descending to the lowest point on the African continent at 155m below sea level.
    • Lac Abbé: Wandering flabbergasted in a Martian landscape, with hundreds of spikelike limestone chimneys.
    • Whale-shark spotting: Sighting and swimming with giant whale sharks from November to January in the Gulf of Tadjoura.
    • Plage des Sables Blancs: Unwinding on Djibouti's most scenic beach.
    • Diving: Exploring some superb shipwrecks in the Gulf of Tadjoura.
    • Goda Mountains: Taking a guided walk amid spectacular mountain scenery and spending a night in a traditional campement touristique (tourist camp).
    • Abourma Rock Art Site: Looking for some well-preserved petroglyphs.

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