• If the problem was your fault (eg. running out of petrol or locking the keys in the vehicle), you will be responsible to us for the cost of providing roadside assistance and any parts provided. Service is limited to Hertz rental and commercial vehicles (to 2.5 tonne) and 4WD vehicles where 2WD access is available.

  • If you need help, you can rest assured that in the U.S., Canada, and some other countries, Hertz can provide Emergency Roadside Assistance: 24 hours a day. 365 days a year. Dial 1-800-654-5060.

    Likewise, does Hertz charge for flat tires? In case of a flat tire, call the Hertz Emergency Roadside Service at 1-800-654-5060. If Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) has not been added onto your rental you may be responsible for the cost of the tire and any damage to the Hertz vehicle up to ,000.

    Also asked, do rental cars come with roadside assistance?

    AAA Provides Roadside Assistance for Rental Cars The best-known roadside assistance provider in the U.S., AAA is an option for drivers who also want coverage in a rental car. In fact, AAA members are covered in any car, whether they are a driver or a passenger. Any car includes rental cars.

    Does Avis charge for roadside assistance?

    To access Avis Emergency Roadside Assistance 24/7, call 800-354-2847. Add it today! Roadside SafetyNet Service is available at all participating Avis locations. The daily service charge for Roadside SafetyNet Service is subject to change.

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