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    Season Player Position   2010 Tom Brady (2) Quarterback   2011 Aaron Rodgers   2012 Adrian Peterson Running back   2013 Peyton Manning (5) **Quarterback**

  • Lamar Jackson

    Also, what defensive players have won MVP in the NFL? Two defensive players have won the award: Alan Page in 1971 as a defensive tackle, and Lawrence Taylor as a linebacker in 1986. The sole special teams player to be named AP NFL MVP was Mark Moseley, who won as a placekicker in 1982.

    Then, who has won NFL MVP the most?

    Indianapolis Colts Manning has been the NFL MVP four times, the most of any player ever in NFL history.

    Has a WR ever won NFL MVP?

    Alan Page, a defensive tackle and the AP MVP winner in 1971, is the only defensive player ever to win any MVP Award. The great Don Hutson (the second greatest receiver in NFL history in my view) is the only receiver to win outright the MVP Award (he voted MVP twice in 1941 and 1942).

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