• Voltage: Most stackable washer-dryer units require a 220-volt power outlet, which you may need an electrician to install. Some compact units, however, only require a regular, 110-volt outlet. Check into your electrical situation before you buy.

  • They are available in 24- or 27-inch widths, with heights from 70 inches to 75 inches. Depths are 27 inches on most models. Washer capacities on the 24-inch models are typically 1.5 cubic feet, with dryer capacities of 3.5 cubic feet.

    Also, what are the best stackable washer and dryer? Best Overall: LG WM3700HVA and LG DLEX3700V Together, this stackable washer and dryer set delivers a thorough, efficient clean. And with a depth of only 30 inches, they fit even into relatively shallow closets or small laundry rooms. But dont mistake this pair for a compact stackable washer and dryer.

    Similarly, you may ask, can stackable washer and dryer be Unstacked?

    Full-Sized Stackable Machines Full-sized stackable washers and dryers have freestanding capability as long as they are not permanently attached to one another. Many standard washing machine models can be stacked with a dryer. Dryers are attached with a separate stacking kit.

    Does a stackable washer and dryer have one plug?

    Yes, in the stackable units. Theres seperate cords for the dryer and washer portions. In the stacked units (all built together), the washer grabs its power from the big single 120/240 plug that serves the entire unit.

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