• Not only will your unlocked Boost Mobile phone work with any Sprint SIM card, but it will work with any SIM card from a carrier that uses Sprint's network.

  • Activate Boost You are not required to have a separate Boost Mobile SIM card because the Sprint phone operates on the same CDMA network. However, you can use a Boost Mobile SIM card, and they are especially common for prepaid phone plans.

  • A domestic SIM unlock allows you to insert the Boost Mobile SIM card into your phone and attempt to activate it on the Boost Mobile network. Unlocking your phone will not necessarily make it interoperable with the Boost Mobile network.

    Furthermore, can I use Boost Mobile iPhone on Sprint? Boost Mobile iPhone should work on Sprint without unlocking since Sprint is Boost Mobiles host network on CDMA technology. CDMA cannot be unlocked. If you unlock a Boost Mobile iPhone, you will be able to use it on MetroPCS since MetroPCS runs on GSM technology.

    Likewise, is Sprint and Boost Mobile on the same network?

    Boost Mobile runs on the Sprint network, but you must unlock the phone to use the network. Not all Sprint phones are compatible on the network, but Boost Mobile publishes a list of compatible phones and provides customer support to help connect your phone.

    How do you unlock a Sprint phone for Boost?

    Call 844-665-6327 to unlock your Sprint phone, 888-322-1122 to unlock a Virgin phone or 866-402-7366 to unlock a Boost phone.

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