• In 1990, Rick James sued MC Hammer for copyright infringement when Hammer sampled his song “Super Freak” in Hammer's all time greatest hit “Can't Touch This” without permission. Ironically, James won his first and only Grammy off of “Can't Touch This,” due to the sample of “Super Freak” the song contained.

  • The song samples the prominent opening riff of the Rick James song Super Freak, which is repeated throughout the recording. The lyrics describe Hammer as having toured around the world, from London to the Bay and as being magic on the mic, which he says coincides with James beat that you cant touch.

    Additionally, when was cant touch this? 13, 1990, MC Hammer released “U Cant Touch This,” which hed premiered on The Arsenio Hall Show in late 1989. The good-natured boast, laid over the hook of Rick James “Superfreak,” proved irresistible.

    Besides, is Super Freak and cant touch this the same song?

    Cant Touch This Super Freak [MC Hammer Rick James Mashup] This version is different though, as it is a mashup of “U Cant Touch This” with Rick James “Super Freak”, the hit song Hammer sampled to create his own, even bigger hit. They go together so well because they are essentially brothers from another mother.

    What sounds like Super Freak?

    Its most certainly a different song, but just sounds a lot like it. U Cant Touch This by MC Hammer and Kingdom Come by Jay Z both sampled Super Freak.

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