• Each kringle retails for .99 at Trader Joe's, which seems steep until you realize that they're .99 (plus .99 for overnight shipping) if you order one directly from O

  • Here are some of the best spots to get a kringle — the official state pastry of Wisconsin.

      1. Wisconsin Cheese Mart.
      1. OandH Danish Bakery.
      1. Uncle Mikes Bake Shop.
      1. Bendtsens Bakery.
      1. Rocket Baby Bakery.
      1. Racine Danish Kringles.
      1. Larsen Bakery.
      1. Lehmanns Bakery.

    Also, how long does a Danish kringle last? Kringle stay fresh a long time although we recommend 7 days at room temperature, 10 days in the refrigerator, or 6 months in the freezer. We seriously doubt it will last that long, since they are quite delicious, but its always nice to know you have options!

    Additionally, what does a kringle look like?

    Danish Kringles is a Danish-like pastry, filled with fruits, nuts, cheese, etc., then drizzled with icing. Over the years, a variety of fruit and nut fillings were added, and in the United States (not Denmark, the pretzel shape was changed to its present oval shape to eliminate the unfilled, overlapping parts.

    Does Danish kringle need to be refrigerated?

    Kringle is a shelf stable bakery item, and its food safety will not be impacted by temperature. If you will not eat it right away we recommend you freeze it to keep it fresh - never refrigerate.

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