• Frog Functions

    A B   tongue catches the insect and brings it back into the mouth   esophagus passageway for good, from the mouth to the stomach   glottis opening to the **lungs**   internal nares frog can breath through these with it's mouth closed, can be opened or closed with sphincter muscles

  • The glottis, a slit-like opening on the floor of the pharynx, is a valve that controls airflow in and out of the respiratory passages. The glottis opens directly into a box-like larynx. This voice box occurs in all amphibians but is anatomically most complex in frogs.

    Secondly, what is the function of the vocal cords in a frog? These air-filled vocal sacs help produce the sounds that make a males call distinctive. Mating calls are not the only sounds made by frogs and toads. They also use their voices to claim territory, to warn away rivals, and to frighten off predators.

    Beside above, what is the function of the Nares in a frog?

    Nares are another word for nostrils. Frogs have two types of nares: external and internal. These two types of nostrils work together to provide oxygen to frogs when theyre not in the water. In addition to nares, frogs can also breathe through their skin when submerged in water.

    Why are frogs said to have two lives?

    Frogs are said to have two lives because they begin their lives in a completely different form than they end them.

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