• In writer Brian Azzarello and artist Cliff Chiang's New 52 run, Wonder Woman's origin is changed: Diana learns she was never made out of clay, and — like what the movie implies with Ares — the clay story was used as a cover by Wonder Woman's mother to hide that she and Zeus had had a relationship.

  • Diana Prince is a fictional character appearing regularly in stories published by DC Comics, as the secret identity of the Amazonian superhero Wonder Woman, who bought the credentials and identity from a United States Army nurse named Diana Prince who went to South America and married her fiancé to become Diana White.

    Also Know, what is the name of Wonder Womans mother? Hippolyta

    Also, can Wonder Woman go back to themyscira?

    From the Ancient Greek myths of the Amazons and through the multiple retellings of Wonder Womans origin in the comics, the idea that once she leaves Paradise Island/Themyscira, she cannot return has been touched upon many times and been supported by various reasons: the waters of Themyscira keep the Amazons immortal,

    How did the Amazonians reproduce?

    According to Strabo, the Amazons were neighbours to an all-male society called the Gargarians, and they met annually for a mating ritual. The female children born after this ritual were retained by the Amazons, and the male children go to their fathers.

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