• Balboa Mist is a slightly warm gray-greige with a warm purple undertone. It's warmer and more feminine than Classic Gray with its soft and dusky undertone, at times picking up a faint purple-pink hue (nothing OVERLY dominant though – super passive).

  • For reference, most white paint colors have LRVs between 80-95. So, Balboa Mist is a solid light gray.

    Also Know, is Balboa mist GREY or beige? In a balanced quality of light Balboa Mist is going to look like a near neutral warm gray-beige, it could possibly have moments of peachy-pinkish overtones. If you do any research on this color, you will find people quite adamant that it has “no undertones” its just a “greige”.

    Regarding this, is Balboa mist a greige?

    Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist – One of the lightest Benjamin Moore greige colors you will find. The gray used is ashen with hints of beige to warm it up.

    Is Balboa mist a warm gray?

    Balboa Mist is a light, warm gray and super versatile as a result. Its pretty on walls, cabinetry and even furniture. A great light and neutral backdrop for pops of color, and is still warm and welcoming.

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