• Charlottesville, Virginia

  • From DIY advice to full installations, Virginians have trusted Crutchfield with their car and home entertainment needs since 1974. Stop by one of our two store locations to check out the latest and greatest electronics.

    One may also ask, who owns Crutchfield? Bill Crutchfield

    Also to know is, where does Crutchfield ship from?

    Crutchfield has had retail storefronts in Jacksonville, Florida, Charlottesville, Virginia, and Harrisonburg, Virginia, for years. On September 29, 2013, the company closed the previous Charlottesville location and opened a store with a new format at a different location in Charlottesville.

    Is Crutchfield legit?

    The thing about crutchfield is that their products and prices are all above table where as sites like woofersetc, sonicelectronix, etc, are not. So when you buy from crutchfield, your purchase is completely legit. The other guys, not so much. Some of their stuff may not be grey market, but all of it is not.

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