• Call them points, if that helps. Here's how the tokens system works: For every dollar customers spend at Subway they earn 4 tokens. Reach 200 tokens and receive .00 in Subway credit.

  • To redeem a Reward in restaurant, you must identify yourself as a Subway MyWay® Rewards member by scanning your digital card in the Subway® App or swiping a Card before completing your purchase. You can choose whether you want to apply the Reward (if available) to your current purchase or not.

    One may also ask, how do you earn subway rewards? The Basics

    1. Sign up online or download the app. App Store or Google Play.
    2. Eat. Swipe your Subway MyWay™ Rewards Card at any SUBWAY® Restaurant, or order online with our (NEW!)
    3. Earn. Get tokens for every dollar you spend.
    4. Enjoy!
    5. We have a new app AND rewards website!
    6. Track Stuff.
    7. Order Online.

    Considering this, what do you get with subway rewards?

    Youll earn tokens for every dollar* you spend on food and beverage purchases in Subway® restaurants – after discounts, but before taxes and fees. Once you hit 200 tokens, youll automatically get a .00 Reward to use on a future order.

    How do I activate my subway card?

    Login to your account and you will see an icon that says, “Add new card.” Input the numerals located on the back of the card and press “Add card” to complete the registration. Go to any participating Subway location and purchase your food using the card. You can use your card to buy anything.

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