How do you get a fishbone cactus to bloom?

  • They don't usually flower indoors, but it can be done.

    Start by giving your fishbone cactus a bit more full sun in late summer to early fall. This can help the plant produce flowers. If you are so lucky, the flowers will open at night and only last one day.

  • Water thoroughly once every 2-3 weeks and allow excess water to run out the drainage holes in the nursery pot or whichever vessel you transplant into, however avoid overwatering. You can read some fundamental rules of watering here.

    how often do you water Epiphyllum? Two (and only two) of the leaf serrations should be below the soil level. Place the pot in a bright shaded place. Rooted cuttings should not be allowed to dry out. Water lightly at first and then water once a week.

    Similarly one may ask, how do I get my Epiphyllum to bloom?

    Increasing flower production begins right after the plant blooms. For six weeks after blooming, water only when the soils surface feels dry. In late winter, stimulate bloom production by placing the cactus in an unheated space thats above 40 degrees Fahrenheit, such as a garage or porch, for about three weeks.

    How long does it take for Epiphyllum cuttings to root?

    Before rooting epiphyllum cuttings they should be allowed to cure for ten days to two weeks after cutting.

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