• Falkor (Fuchur, German, Falcor or Falcore) is a Luck Dragon. He is one of main characters from the Neverending Story, appearing as the deutragonist/tritagonist.

  • The 43-foot-long luckdragons face looks a lot like a dogs, but according to the source material, his official breed is zero percent canine. While even the special effects director referred to the creature as a “golden retriever/dragon,” Falkors appearance was simply the directors interpretation.

    Additionally, what is the dogs name in Neverending Story? Falkor

    Similarly, what animal is falkor?

    The Komondor Dog Is A Real Life Falkor From Neverending Story, And Youve Never Seen Anything Like It.

    Where can you ride falkor?

    To ride Falkor yourself, youve got to head to the city of Munich and go to a tourist destination called Bavaria Film Studios. Its a sort of Universal Studios-esque destination, where most of the The Neverending Storys props and models are on display.

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