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  • A Chopper Gun is used to automatically chop and deposit fiberglass gun roving strands or carbon tow strands into a mold or composite part. The Chopper Gun makes it easy to quickly cover large surfaces with fiberglass.

  • Chopper Gun

    Item Description Price 1171-A Chopper Gun Chopper Gun .95
    Beside above, how do you spray fiberglass resin? How to Thin Polyester Fiberglass Resin With Acetone

    1. Put on a respirator and a pair of rubber gloves.
    2. Add 10 percent acetone to the resin or 10 parts resin to 1 part acetone.
    3. Add 2 percent catalyst to the bucket of thinned resin and thoroughly stir it together with a stir stick.
    4. Apply the resin to the surface of the wood or other porous material using a felt roller.

    Also question is, is a chopper a gun?

    The nickname “chopper” for a gun actually comes from the old Thompson sub-machine gun. They were famously called “choppers” for the loud sound it would make as it fired in fully automatic, often described as being a “choppy” sound. The nickname has since been applied to any fully automatic weapon.

    What is a Choppa?

    Choppas. Choppa is a slang word often used by rappers to refer to their automatic weapons. The weapon mostly closely associated with this term is the AK47, but any automatic weapons can be called a choppa.

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