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    • Ghana is located in Africa.

    • Ghana is a country located on the continent of Africa. Situated in West Africa, Ghana rests along the coast of two separate bodies of water. The Atlantic Ocean is directly below the southern border of Ghana, whereas the Gulf of Guinea is located along the southeastern edge of Ghana.

    • Ghana is located at a latitude of 7.9465° N, and longitude of 1.0232° W. Ghana is an interesting country when viewed on a map of coordinates and dividing points between the hemispheres. Positioned just a few degrees above the equator and in the northern hemisphere, Ghana’s position in terms of hemispheres varies, depending on the area in particular.

    • The westernmost and central areas of Ghana are in the western hemisphere, and the easternmost parts of Ghana are in the eastern hemisphere. While this makes sense logically, the majority of countries exist in one or the other. Ghana is not unique in this right, but it is fascinating to note that this is the case. The Prime Meridian runs through Ghana, albeit off center, and this divide causes the split.

    • Ghana’s boundaries encompass 92,497 square miles. The total area of Ghana is divided into 95.9% land and 4.6% water. Compared to the rest of the world, Ghana is the 80th largest country based on its total square mileage.

    • The population of Ghana is estimated at approximately 29,734,698 people. As of 2018, this makes Ghana the 49th most populated country in the world. By dividing the population by the total area, we receive a value of 321.46, which is the population density. Since people can only be counted in whole numbers, population densities are rounded up to the nearest whole number. Ghana’s population density is reported as 322 people per square mile. Ghana is the 49th most populated country.

    • At its lowest point, Ghana has an elevation of 0 feet above sea level. The coastline of Ghana, located in the southernmost parts of the country, is at sea level. In contrast, Ghana reaches an altitude of approximately 2,904 feet above sea level. This point is found on Mount Afadja, a mountain that is part of the Agumatsa Mountain Range in southeastern Ghana. Even more specifically, this mountain range is part of Ghana’s Volta Region, which comprises 7,940 square miles of Ghana’s total area.

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