• A little history lesson: Steve served as the original Blue's Clues host when it premiered back in 1996, until the character left for college in 2002 at the end of Season 4. Steve was then replaced by Joe, who stayed with the show until its final episode in 2006. Premiering on Monday, Nov.

  • Steve Burns abrupt Blues Clues departure in 2002 led to many rumors, but he reveals balding is what made him leave the popular kids show. Burns reveals that one of the main reasons he left the show was because he was going bald, and he didnt want that to happen on national television in front of his young fans.

    Beside above, how long was Joe on Blues Clues? When Blues Clues first aired in 1996, it broke ground as the first show for preschoolers that broke the fourth wall and left space for viewers to respond to the host, starting with Burns. It ran until 2006, with Donovan Patton (known as Joe) replacing Burns for the last four years.

    Beside this, what happened to Blues Clues Joe?

    But in 2002, at the height of the shows popularity, the beloved Burns abruptly left “Blues” to “go to college” in his final episode. The actor was actually 29-years-old at the time. Rumours immediately began to swirl that Burns died of a drug overdose, was a drug addict, or was killed in a car crash.

    Are Steve and Joe from Blues Clues related?

    After Burns departure, the Blues Clues actor was then replaced by Donovan Patton as Steves younger brother Joe.

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