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    • Armenia is located in Asia.

    • Armenia is an Asian country located in the Eurasia Region on the Armenian Highlands. To give you an idea of where this is, picture Russia on a map. Armenia is located to the southwest, with the Black Sea on one side and the Caspian Sea on the other. As one of the former Soviet republics, Armenia is the smallest of them all.

    • Armenia is located at a latitude of 40.0691° N and a longitude of 45.0382° E.

    • At its highest point, Armenia reaches an altitude of 13,419 feet above sea level. Located atop Mount Aragats, the highest point is found on a volcano. In the opposite direction, Armenia’s lowest point is 1,312 feet above sea level. This point is located along the Debed River in along the northern parts of Armenia.

    • In the north, Armenia shares borders with Georgia. The northernmost part of Armenia is the province of Tavush, with GPS coordinates of 41°17′ N and 45°0′ E. In the east, Armenia shares borders with two different areas: Azerbaijan and the Republic of Artsakh. The easternmost point of Armenia is located in the province of Syunik with coordinates of 39°13′ N and 46°37′ E. In the south lie Nakhchivan and Iran. The most extreme point in southern Armenia is also located in the Syunik province at a latitude of 38°49′ N and 46°10′ E. In the west, Armenia shares borders with Turkey, with the most extreme point situated in the Shirak province at a latitude of 41°5′ N and longitude of 43°27′ E.

    • The total area of Armenia is 11,484 square feet, which marks Armenia as the 138th largest country based on total area alone. Armenia is a landlocked state, but there are areas of water within the boundaries of the country. Of its total area, Armenia is made up of 594.6 square miles of water. The remaining 10,889.4 square miles are land areas. In terms of percentages, Armenia is 94.9% land and 5.1% water.

    • The Republic of Armenia has a population of 2,935,242 people. Taking total area and population into consideration, we are able to calculate the population density of Armenia. By dividing the population by the total area, the outcome is a population density of approximately 255.59, which is rounded to 256. This means that there are just about 256 people per square mile in Armenia. Based on population, Armenia is the 134th most populated country in the world, and in terms of density, it is the 99th most dense country.

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