• SOT is an acronym for the phrase sound on tape. It refers to any audio recorded on analog or digital video formats.

  • Part 1: The VO Script

    1. <ANC> Command begins story. ( SHIFT F8)
    2. TAKE VO Command comes after anchor lead-in. ( SHIFT F1)
    3. :20 second script under video is written to match available video.
    4. Last sentence before the SOT typically sets-up or introduces the person in the SOT. Ends with TAKE SOT (SHIFT F2)

    Furthermore, what does Vo mean in TV? Voiceover

    Moreover, what does VO SOT mean?

    Voiceover-to-sound(VO/SOT) – A TV news story during which a news anchor or reporter reads a script live as video is played up to a place when a news maker video/audio sound bite is played. At the end of the SOT, the reporter or anchor resumes reading with or without additional video.

    What is a media package?

    A news package is a creative, visual, and long-form of storytelling found on television newscasts. The news is conveyed to an audience by packaging a story that includes characters, facts, plot twists, and a climax together.

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