• Log on to myFSCJ and select the email icon (i.e. envelope) on the top menu bar. You will need your student email address [email protected]fscj.edu and password to access your email. You need to check your FSCJ student email account on a regular basis. It is recommended that you check your email at least one time weekly.

  • Blackboard Access for Students

    1. Visit my.fscj.edu.
    2. Select the Student tab.
    3. Under My Academics, click Student Center.
    4. The link can then be found under FSCJ Quick Links.
    5. Once in Blackboard, click on the Classes tab to view any classes that remain available.

    Subsequently, question is, how do I add my Fscj email to my Iphone?

    1. Locate the Settings Icon then open by selecting.
    2. After opening Settings locate the Mail Icon then open by selecting.
    3. Step3:
    4. After opening Accounts locate the Add Account Icon then open by selecting.
    5. After opening Add Account locate the Exchange Icon then open by selecting.

    Hereof, what is my Fscj student ID number?

    FSCJ Student ID - Your Campus Credentials The FSCJ Student ID is the official identification card of the College. It is issued to all members of the College community and is required for identification and access to essential College services. All Student ID cards are the property of the College.

    How do I check my grades on Fscj?

    Go to your desired course and click Grades on the left-hand side. You can view the name of the assignment [1], the assignment due date [2], the score you earned [3], and the total point value of the assignment [4]. You can view the scoring details for an assignment (5) by clicking on the Check mark icon.

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