• You can cover your guinea pigs cage at night as long as it doesn't stress them out and you leave enough room for proper ventilation. It's okay to cover the cage especially if you're sure they don't have enough heat.

  • Put blankets, small hutches, and pet-safe heating pads inside. Just like an inside cage, you can make an outside hutch warmer by providing places for your guinea pig to warm up. You should also insulate your guinea pigs water bottle so it doesnt freeze over.

    Also Know, are Guinea Pigs active at night? Guinea pigs are not strictly nocturnal or diurnal. In fact, they dont sleep an awful lot at all. But they are a lot more active in the day time than the night time. While a nocturnal animal is one that is active during the night, a diurnal animal is active primarily during the day.

    In this regard, do guinea pigs like to be covered?

    Generally speaking, you only need to cover a guinea pig cage that has high enough walls if you need to keep kids, cats or dogs out.

    How do I get my guinea pig to be quiet at night?

    One of the best ways to get guinea pigs to settle in at night is to establish a nighttime snack routine. Putting in a handful or two of fresh hay along with some quiet veggies like romaine leaves will give your guinea pigs something to concentrate on, and a few hours of feeling overly full afterwards.

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