• Captain Beatty comes across as a strong, caring, and knowledgeable leader in Fahrenheit 451. He keeps strong tabs on his boys in the firehouse and on the community he believes he is protecting and keeping happy through censorship.

  • A malicious, destructive phoenix fire chief, Beatty is an educated, perceptive manipulator who surrounds himself with a nest of literary snippets. From this mishmash of aphorisms, he selects appropriate weapons with which to needle and vex Montag, his adversary, in a one-sided verbal duel.

    One may also ask, how is Beatty described? The only specific description of Beatty comes as Montag enters the firehouse for the first time. The text states that Beatty is holding cards in his thin hand. So, Beatty has dark hair, eyes and skin, thin hands, and intense eyes.

    In this manner, what does Captain Beatty say about books?

    Beatty asserts that books are traitorous and divisive; what one person might see as valuable knowledge might offend another. He mentions that the Devil can quote scripture for his purposes, and that books are ultimately incompatible with a society that prizes happiness and calm.

    Why does Beatty know so much about books?

    Beatty is demonstrating his knowledge of the books and of Montags position. The point of the repeated quotes is to suggest to Montag that knowledge of these books: 2) there is greater knowledge in society than in books.

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