• With the August Smart Keypad you can create unique codes for each individual, rather than one, maybe two codes for everyone who needs access. With the Smart Keypad you can have a 24/7 log of who entered and when (requires August Smart Lock HomeKit enabled and an August Connect).

  • The August Smart Keypad communicates with the smart lock through Bluetooth. It does not require the August Connect for the most basic function of the keypad, which is unlocking the door with a code.

    One may also ask, is the August keypad waterproof? The August Doorbell Camera, Doorbell Camera Pro, and Smart Keypad all have an IP55 rating, meaning they are dust protected and effective against water jetting. The August View doorbell camera has an IPX5 rating, meaning it is effective against water jetting.

    Also, how does the August smart keypad work?

    Its very simple. As the owner of the keypad and using the August Home app, you can create codes for your guests. Once created, you can either email or text the codes to your family and friends.

    Does August Lock work without wifi?

    The August smart-lock (August Smart Lock) does not require a WiFi connection, and continues to function even if the power goes out. From what they said, the lock only communicates with the app on your smart phone.

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