• Actor Johnny Depp, who recently married Amber Heard, also regularly dyes his hair. We have seen him with colored locks, as a blond and as a brunet. Actor Nicolas Cage also dyes his graying hair to hide his age. He is now 51 years old, but it is definitely hard to tell.

  • Johnny DeppOpens in a new Window.s got a new hairdo! The 50-year-old actor was a surprise guest at the 2013 BFI London Film Festival Awards on Saturday, Oct. 19, and looked nearly unrecognizable with bleached blonde hair. Depps brunette locks have been dyed a bright yellow color, but his roots remain dark.

    Furthermore, does Johnny Depp have curly hair? Johnny Depps Long Hair By 1992, Johnny Depp had grown his hair out and the following year, this was the result. A long flowing mane of slightly wavy locks. Depps clean cut look was gone. Johnny Depp with long hair.

    Likewise, what is Johnny Depps hairstyle called?

    Johnny Depp Donnie Brasco Hairstyle Donnie Brascos slicked-back short hair is an unforgettable look.

    What was the last movie Johnny Depp starred in?

    Depps final 1993 release was Emir Kusturicas surrealist comedy-drama Arizona Dream, which opened to positive reviews.

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