• Slogan: Positive, Encouraging K-LOVE

  • Air1 is an American Christian radio network. Owned by the Educational Media Foundation (EMF), it primarily broadcasts contemporary worship music, and is a sister to the EMFs K-Love network.

    Also, what happened to K love? K-LOVE became part of the Quad-City airwaves five years ago this month, when former top-40 station WHTS-FM, also known as “All-Hit 98.9,” was sold. The station had been owned by Mercury Broadcasting Company and operated by Clear Channel Communications through its Quad-City Radio Group.

    Correspondingly, what are the call numbers for K Love?

    List of K-Love stations

    Call Sign Frequency City of License K214DT 90.7 Flagstaff KLKA 88.5 Globe KLVK 89.1 Fountain Hills KLVA 89.9 Superior
    Is K Love radio non profit?

    K-LOVE is a non-denominational, non-profit, listener-supported radio network. We have over 400 radio signals in 44 states and can also be heard online at klove.com.

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