• In order to play Gimkit, teachers select their kit on the dashboard, choose play, make sure they open the correct group, then post the game code on the board. Students join the game and begin playing independently of each other when the teacher starts the game.

  • Its not as easy as you think to get first place! Set up a class in Gimkit and assign it for homework. Students will be able to study at home on their own time as many times as they need!

    Likewise, how much does Gimkit cost? If you want to be able to create more Kits and have unlimited edits, they have Gimkit Pro (.99 per month, billed annually) or Gimkit Go (.99 per month, billed monthly) accounts available.

    Likewise, people ask, how do I join a class on Gimkit?

    Students do not join classes in Gimkit. Instead, when playing a live game, students will select their name from the class list. For assignments, each class will be provided a unique link. Because of this, students do not need to join a class or create an account.

    How many digits is a Gimkit code?

    4 digit

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