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    Brenda is infected with the Flare virus, but one of the members of the Right Arm, a former WCKD scientist, uses an enzyme cure that fully heals Brenda. The scientist reveals to Thomas that the cure can only be harvested from an Immune's body, not manufactured.

  • They stumble on a Crank club, and are captured by three Cranks who drug them. Thomas and Brenda start reacting to the drink, and Brenda tries to kiss Thomas. He resists, saying she is not Teresa and that she could never be her, before they both pass out. When they awake, the two find themselves tied up.

    Also Know, who is Thomas love interest in the maze runner? Alby (book 1, 5) was the first-in-command and leader of the Gladers. He was named after Albert Einstein. Chuck (book 1, 5, mentioned in 2–3) was a Group A Glader who befriended Thomas in the Maze. He was Thomas best friend.

    Similarly, it is asked, does Thomas like Teresa or Brenda?

    Its clear that in the books, that Thomas prefers Brenda, as he never truly forgives Teresa for what happened in the Scorch. But Im a bit confused after watching death cure, because its obvious Brenda cares about Thomas, but not so much the other way around.

    What did Thomas and Brenda drink?

    Fire Juice. Fire Juice is the mixture of drugs and other materials that Thomas and Brenda drink at the Crank Party in The Scorch Trials. It tasted like fire and made them eventually pass out.

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