• This summer, McDonald's will debut new McCafé Cold Brew Frozen drinks. These delicious, blended beverages – available as either a Cold Brew Frozen Coffee or Cold Brew Frappe – offer a refreshingly cold twist on cold brew and are the perfect treat to cool down and recharge with.

  • Gone are the days when Coke was the only go-to flavour for any frozen drink. With the new offerings, you can choose from Raspberry, Pineapple, Lime, Sour, Blueberry, Grape, Mango and Vanilla to make up your own unique flavour combo.

    Furthermore, what drinks are at mcdonalds? Beverages

    • Coca-Cola®
    • Small Sprite®
    • Fanta® Orange.
    • Dr Pepper®
    • Small MIX by Sprite™ Tropic Berry.
    • Diet Coke®
    • Chocolate Shake.
    • Vanilla Shake.

    In this regard, does Mcdonalds have frozen Coke?

    Frozen Coke Is Coming To McDonalds. So, instead of just supplying the world with its greasy (yet delicious) McNuggets, plethora of hamburgers galore, and their outlandishly satiating french fries, McDonalds has a new thing for us to become addicted to. Frozen.

    Does Mcdonalds have frozen lemonade?

    McCafé Frozen Classic Lemonade. 140 Cal. 140 Cal. A new refreshing summertime treat blended with ice for the perfect balance of sweet and tart.

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