• How do you attach Besta doors?

  • Connecting Besta units horizontally Connecting multiple cabinets is easy! Use the longer screws included in the Besta package to attach two units, as visible in the image below. To get extra support, you can also add legs, as weve done in the photo.

    Furthermore, how does Ikea Besta work? IKEA Besta is a whole storage collection in various configurations that must be secured to the wall. The drawers and doors close silently and softly, thanks to the integrated soft-closing function.

    Thereof, do Besta doors come with hinges?

    The hinges are come in a pack of 2, one pack per door; but you also get the push opener which goes on the other side of the frame to the hinges. This pops the door open so you dont need handles.

    How do you mount a Besta to the wall?

    1. Assemble BESTA units. We first assembled the BESTA units with doors, and soft closing/push-open hinges.
    2. Measure and mark wall.
    3. Drill holes for anchor screws.
    4. Attach suspension rails to wall.
    5. Make sure suspension rails are level.
    6. Mount IKEA Besta cabinets.
    7. Done!
    8. Organize and store bottles.
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