• Bloodclaat is used as an adjective when cussing.The direct translation is Blood Cloth, meaning sanitarytowel! Raasclaat and Bumboclaat and Battyclaat translate as BumCloth, as in toilet roll!

  • Bumbaclot, or bumboclaat, is Jamaican slangequivalent to douchebag or motherfucker, often used as aninterjection to express disgust or dismay.

    Beside above, what does Bumboclaat mean in Jamaican? Definitions of Bumboclaat (Vulgar) it is mostly used as an exclamation of shock,surprise, anger, frustration or for any other intense emotions.This term is sometimes combine with other Jamaicanexpletives such as bloodclaat or p**syclaat. Patois: Wah dibumboclaat wrang wid yu!

    Subsequently, one may also ask, what does Bumba Claat mean?

    Claat/cloth = Bumbaclaat. It can also meanthe rag you use to wipe your backside. A nasty epithet forbidden inpolite company but a rude retort akin to dropping F-bombs from thestage.

    What does BBC mean in text?

    BBC usually means Big Black Cock…. but itcan also be the British Broadcasting Center…. it reallydepends on how you word your text messages…. anyways,whoever told you this, please just block XD.

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