• 1 Answer. Breathing involves inhale of oxygen from the atmosphere into the lungs and exhale of carbon dioxide from the lungs into the atmosphere ; whereas cellular respiration involves breakdown of glucose into carbon dioxide and water in living cells, releasing energy.

  • Cellular respiration is directly related to breathing, as breathing provides the necessary oxygen molecules for the process of cellular respiration to take place; cellular respiration is a process by which cells acquire energy. The oxygen provided by breathing is used as a final hydrogen acceptor for the process.

    Also, how is cellular respiration important? Cellular respiration is critical for the survival of most organisms because the energy in glucose cannot be used by cells until it is stored in ATP. Cells use ATP to power virtually all of their activities—to grow, divide, replace worn out cell parts, and execute many other tasks.

    In this manner, how is cellular respiration different from breathing?

    Both processes involve taking in oxygen and removing carbon dioxide, and we need both to survive. However, breathing is a macroscopic process and only ships the oxygen and carbon dioxide around the body. Cellular respiration is a microscopic process, taking place in the cells.

    How does cellular respiration use oxygen?

    Cellular respiration is the process cells use to make energy. Cells in our body combine glucose and oxygen to make ATP and carbon dioxide. Oxygen combines with the electrons and two hydrogen ions to make water. Lastly, the hydrogen ions flow through ATP synthase to make ATP.

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