• Not all parts of your Monstera plant will propagate to make new monstera babies. This includes: Leaves with no stem attached. Roots or aerial roots with no stem attached.

  • Propagation without Nodes As far as getting them to root, the stems wont be enough – theyll need a node which turns into the roots. You may need to get another cutting. Those stems will look great in a vase though!

    Secondly, can I cut off aerial roots Monstera? The aerial roots can be cut off entirely without harm to the plant. You might consider pruning back the main stem of the Monstera once it gets too long to support. Pruning also does not harm the plant. And you can root the cut off stem to make a new plant.

    Simply so, how do you propagate Monstera aerial roots?


    1. Locate an aerial root as close to the tip of the branch as possible.
    2. Trim excess off of large stems.
    3. Dip the cut end of the stem into dry rooting hormone.
    4. Locate an aerial root on the stem that is roughly 2 inches long or longer.
    5. Bend the stem with the aerial root down so that the root touches the soil.

    Why doesnt my Monstera have aerial roots?

    The vines will also develop roots when in contact with damp tree bark and that enables them to climb the trees, sometimes in search of more light. When moved into pots, that aerial roots no longer serve a purpose. Personally, my preference is to keep the vines pruned back rather than trying to make them grow upward.

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