• Moros y Cristianos are different fromsimple arroz con frijoles in that the beans and rice are cookedin the same pot instead of separately. Congríis another term for the dish, but is used more commonly to refer tothe similar dish with red beans that is traditionally eaten on theeastern part of the island.

  • Noun. congri (uncountable) A dish of black beansand rice, cooked together, which is common in Cubancuisine.

    Also Know, where is Moros y Cristianos from? Spain

    Also Know, why is it called Moros y Cristianos?

    The name “Moros y Cristianos”literally translates into “Moors and Christians.” Inthis dish, the black beans represent the Muslim Moors while thewhite rice represents the Spanish Christians. The one ingredientthat we learned is important not only to cooking this dish, but tolife in Cuba in general, is patience.

    What foods are found in Cuban Moros y Cristianos?

    Moros y Cristianos (or Moors and Christians) is amix of black beans and white rice. Black beans represent thedark-skinned Moors and the white rice represent the lighter-skinnedChristians. Cooked together they absorb the flavors of the dish andthe beans lend color to the white rice.

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