• Champion 76533 Natural Gas Kit. This kit fits the Champion 76533 Dual Fuel generator and adds the ability to run it on Natural Gas.

  • No, you cannot run it on natural gas without modifications. The orifice that the gas passes through has to be changed to account for the different pressure of natural gas. A lot of propane appliances have a natural gas conversion kit available.

    is it cheaper to run a generator on propane or gas? Gas generators also put out more heat than propane, about 30 percent more for the same amount of fuel. Unless you live in an area where propane is considerably cheaper than gasoline, a gas generator will typically be cheaper to operate. Unlike propane, gas degrades over time when left in a generator tank.

    Similarly, you may ask, what type of gas does a champion generator use?

    Champion Power Equipments dual fuel generators were designed to use only two (2) types of fuels, Gasoline (petrol) and LPG (liquid propane gas).

    Is there a portable generator that runs on natural gas?

    A single fuel generator is one that runs off natural gas, propane, gasoline, or diesel. This means if you run out of your preferred fuel type, you still have a backup available until you can get the fuel you want to use. In most cases, the tri-fuel generators will use gasoline, propane, and natural gas.

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