• At the time, as he revealed, the available slush flavors were cherry, vanilla, cranberry, chocolate, watermelon, grape, orange, Powerade, blue coconut, green apple, blue raspberry, diet cherry, peach, raspberry, blackberry, and mango.

  • The 10 Best Slushies at Sonic, Ranked

    1. Frozen Peach Tea.
    2. Frozen Cherry Lemonade.
    3. Pineapple Real Fruit.
    4. Frozen Classic Limeade.
    5. Lemon Berry.
    6. Watermelon Lime.
    7. Frozen Sweet Tea.
    8. Blue Coconut.

    Additionally, how much is a slush from Sonic? Sonic Menu Prices

    Food Size Price Candy Slushes Route 44 .09 Real Fruit Slushes Small .19 Real Fruit Slushes Medium .39 Real Fruit Slushes Large .79
    One may also ask, what is in a Sonic slush?

    The Sonic Slush is made from flavored syrup combined with crushed ice, and the result is a sweet, refreshing, and (obviously) slushy concoction loved by people all across the country. The Slush comes in four sizes: small, medium, large, and the ginormous Route 44, which, as you probably guessed, is a 44-ouncer.

    Can Sonic make a Coke slushie?

    Yes, Sonic can do just about any of the drinks on their menu as a slush. Its not quite the same texture as you get when you put a 20-oz. plastic bottle of Coke in the refrigerator for a while, but its good. I love putting a Coke in the freezer for a while.

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