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    • Cuba is located in Americas.

    • Cuba is located in the Caribbean Sea. The country is in the northern part of the Caribbean. Surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea, and Gulf of Mexico, Cuba is an island comprised of a mainland, one smaller island, and a few archipelagos.

    • Cuba’s northernmost point differs, depending on whether the focus is on the mainland of Cuba, or if the entire country is being taken into consideration. The northernmost point of the Island of Cuba is Punta Hicacos, a city located on the Hicacos Peninsula, with GPS coordinates of 23.20639° N and 81.14556 ° W. In terms of the country as a whole, the most extreme point to the north is at a latitude of 23.27611 ° N and 80.91056 ° W. This point can be found on the island of Cayo Cruz del Padre, which is part of the archipelago called Sabana-Camaguey.

    • In the south, Cuba extends as far as Cape Cruz, at a latitude of 19.82694° N and a longitude of 77.67500° W. The most extreme point in the east is near Punta Maisie, which is in close proximity to the town of Maisi. The easternmost point is located at a latitude of 20.20889 ° N and a longitude of 74.13361° W. The westernmost point of Cuba is Cape San Antonio on the peninsula of Guanahacabibes. The GPS coordinates of this point are 21.86083° N and 84.95694 ° W.

    • The total area of Cuba is about 42,426 square miles, making Cuba the 104th largest country in the entire world. Compared to the other 26 countries in the Caribbean, Cuba has the greatest total area.

    • The population of Cuba is currently hovering around 11,490,412 people, though it is important to keep in mind that this is an estimation and the number is constantly increasing. Based on population, Cuba is the 80th largest of 195 total countries in the world. Approximately 8,674,197 people live in cities, accounting for approximately 75% of the country’s entire population.

    • Taking the population and dividing it by the total area, we can determine Cuba’s population density. There are just about 271 people per square mile in Cuba.

    • The GPS coordinates of Cuba are 21.5218° N and 77.7812° W. This places the Caribbean country in both the northern and western hemispheres.

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